AMI implementation begins

IREA has installed the first of 158,000-plus advanced meters that eventually will replace the old meters at all locations we serve.

This initial deployment of 1,000 advanced meters in the Castle Rock area is part of our two-year implementation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). Our rollout of AMI will continue in phases and replace all meters by the end of 2020.

Upon complete implementation the AMI project can help you manage your energy usage by giving you access to near real-time data about your usage and will let us develop cost-saving rate options such as time-of-use rates and pre-payment plans. It also will improve reliability, allow IREA to read meters remotely and notify us immediately of service interruptions.

Customers will be notified of meter change-outs via mailed postcards several weeks ahead of installation. No appointment is necessary, and you do not need to be present for the new meter to be installed. A brief interruption – typically less than 15 minutes – in your electric service is necessary as technicians upgrade the meter. The postcard will tell you how to schedule an appointment if you cannot experience a service interruption or have obstructed access to your meter. Sometimes when meters are replaced we discover problems with customer-owned meter receptacles; we intend to make minor repairs as necessary at no charge to customers.

We understand some customers have questions and concerns about advanced meters, so we have dedicated a portion of our website to FAQs and other resources regarding AMI. You can access these resources via

We also want customers to know that:

• More than 80 million advanced meters are currently part of the national energy grid. This represents nearly half of all electricity customers in the U.S.

• No customer-identifying information is transmitted or stored by the AMI. The information it does transmit is encrypted and protected by multiple layers of security.

• Our data collection stops at the meter. We will not know how you use the electricity delivered to your home or business; the meters tell us only about the operation of our own distribution system at each power delivery point such as whether power is reaching the meter, the voltage at the meter and kilowatt demand.

• New meters will be installed at all residential and commercial locations we serve. This 100% upgrade ensures we can fully utilize AMI.