Avoid sophisticated utility scams

IREA would like to caution its customers to be aware of more frequent and sophisticated scams in and around the association’s service territory.

IREA has received reports of possible scammers going door to door, sometimes claiming to be IREA employees. We urge all customers to use the following tips to avoid these scams and ensure the safety of family and belongings:

• Check for identification. Any person attempting to access your property should provide upon request photo identification and company ID. IREA field personnel also wear clothing that clearly identifies them as IREA employees. Contractors hired by IREA should have with them documentation from IREA that authorizes the work to be performed. If you have any doubt, call IREA at (800) 332-9540.

• Look at the vehicle. IREA employees drive signature yellow trucks bearing the IREA logo. IREA contractor vehicles have company-issued signage that identifies them as those contracted for work by IREA.

• Know where your meters are. Most utility meters are actually located outside of the home, so the person reading yours won’t typically need to enter your home. Most IREA meters are read by a passing association vehicle and do not require a meter reader to access your property. If your meter is outside, but someone who claims to be a meter reader insists on entering your home, lock the doors and immediately call the police.

• Don’t provide personal information. Some criminals are looking to steal your identity, not your belongings. Never give out personal information to people claiming they work for IREA or any other utility company.

• When in doubt, don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 332-9540.

Additional tips on avoiding other common utility scams can be found at www.IREA.coop/scams.