Board of Directors approves changes to Rates and Regulations

IREA’s Board of Directors has authorized changes to IREA’s Rates and Regulations that will go into effect Sept. 1, 2020, in accordance with Part 1, Section 2, of the General Provisions of the Association’s Rates and Regulations. The new rates do not increase any customer’s costs.

The proposed changes include:

• The addition of new optional rates for large industrial customers that are more competitive with those of surrounding utilities. These new rates are expected to apply only to high load factor large power users and should allow IREA to improve its load profile and reduce its costs accordingly.

• The retirement of old rates no longer used by customers.

• Changes to several riders to address the addition of new rates and retirement of old rates.

Formal notice, along with a redlined version of the Association’s Rates and Regulations with the proposed amendments, is available at our Notices & Documents page.