Board proposes revenue-neutral rate changes

IREA’s Board of Directors has authorized the publication of a notice of proposed changes to the Association’s rates and regulations.

The principal changes include an increase from $10 to $12.50 in the monthly residential service charge and reductions in energy charges that will offset that $2.50 increase for the average customer. Many customers will see lower monthly bills, while others might see a small increase of no more than $2.50 per month. IREA’s monthly service charge will still be one of the lowest – if not the lowest – such charges among Colorado electric cooperatives. We also plan to reduce disconnect and reconnect fees for customers with new AMI meters, which by the end of 2020 will include all IREA customers.

Changes to rates also will provide commercial and other large power customers options that can reduce their costs, depending on their load profiles. The net effect of the changes will reduce by about $1.5 million the revenue IREA collects from customers under current rates.

Formal notice of the proposed changes to the rates and regulations can be found here, and a redlined version of the proposed amendments here.