Considering solar? Call IREA first

Are you considering purchasing or leasing a rooftop solar system? Be sure to contact IREA at (303) 688-3100, ext. 5302, before signing any agreement to purchase or lease solar. We will send you important information, including: a list of required documents, IREA’s interconnection agreement, IREA’s rules and regulations, and answers to most frequently asked questions about generation interconnections.

Other important things you should know:

• Solar sales personnel sometimes falsely claim to be affiliated with IREA. We do not have agreements with any solar providers, nor have we authorized any to speak on our behalf. We also do not have a preferred solar installation company, but we do maintain a list of solar installers that have installed systems in our territory. That list can be found here.

• Solar vendors sometimes misrepresent the potential energy savings with a rooftop solar system. We encourage potential solar customers to call us for more accurate information on how installation of solar might affect their monthly IREA bill.

• If you already are working with a solar vendor, be sure they are familiar with IREA’s policies, procedures and rate structure, including our load factor adjustment (LFA). Vendors often operate in multiple states with varying policies and may not be familiar with how our rate structure will determine potential benefits.

• IREA does not – and cannot – prohibit a provider from installing rooftop solar in our service territory, so long as it meets the criteria in our Small Generation Interconnection Procedure (SGIP), which can be found at or requested via (303) 688-3100, ext. 5302. We also do not require a contract with any rooftop solar vendor for solar panel installation within our service territory, nor do we require customers to obtain rooftop solar generation.

If you would like additional info, please call us at (303) 688-3100, ext. 5302. Our Engineering Services Representatives will be happy to assist you. You also can visit our rooftop solar page, or read our news articles about renewables for the latest on IREA and solar.