Don’t be misled by solar vendors

IREA continues to receive reports of rooftop solar providers giving customers erroneous and misleading information regarding our policies and positions on rooftop solar installations.

We would like our customers to know IREA accepts applications for all interconnection types – including solar, wind, biomass, hydropower, recycled energy and hydrogen fuel – provided they meet the criteria set forth in our Small Generation Interconnection Procedure or Qualifying Facility Large Generator Interconnection Procedure, both of which can be found at

It is important for anyone considering rooftop solar to know the following:

• IREA does not require a contract with any rooftop solar vendor for solar panel installation within our service territory. We accept any and all interconnection applications that meet the criteria listed in our aforementioned SGIP or LGIP.

• IREA does not prefer or recommend one vendor or provider over another, and we will work with installers with whom we have not previously worked. We have no referral agreements with any individual solar installers, nor do we have a “preferred” company for this type of service.

• IREA does not and cannot prohibit any solar providers from installing their products in our service territory. Any representative from a rooftop solar vendor who makes statements to the contrary is misleading the customer. The business model of some rooftop solar providers makes providing its system in IREA’s service territory less profitable than the revenue it could realize in another utility’s territory. These businesses choose not to sell to IREA customers. Customers have reported that these installers either falsely blame IREA for their own company’s business decisions or misunderstand IREA’s position. There are, however, dozens of vendors who do install rooftop solar systems for IREA customers.

• We recommend that customers contact more than one provider when researching or pricing rooftop solar installations. A list of solar providers in your area can be found at

IREA urges customers interested in rooftop solar to contact us at (303) 688-3100, Ext. 5302, to request an information packet that includes a cover letter, list of required documents, interconnection agreement and rules and regulations. More information, including answers to frequently asked questions about generation interconnections, can be found at