First AMI meters planned for December

IREA plans to install and test advanced meters this December at 1,000 residential, commercial and industrial locations.

This initial deployment represents the first phase of our Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) project in which these new meters will serve customers.

Advanced meters eventually will be installed, in phases over the next few years, at all 155,000-plus locations served within IREA’s 5,000-square-mile service territory. The new advanced meters are capable of two-way wireless communication and will provide IREA and its customers near real-time information about the quantity and quality of electric usage. Ordinarily the meters themselves will report outages to us, so you will not have to. They also will eliminate the costs associated with in-person meter reading, allow faster response to outages and improve electric service reliability.

We will notify customers before and after an old meter is replaced, and installation will be done by IREA employees and IREA-managed contractors. Customers will not be asked to pay for their new meters and should immediately doubt the legitimacy of any call, email or in-person visit in which they are asked for payment.

More info about the AMI project can be found at