Identify usage issues with a Kill A Watt meter

Customers who want to know more about energy use within their homes have a free, easy-to-use option. IREA worked with Douglas County Libraries in 2018 to provide library patrons several P3 Kill A Watt meters.

Each Kill A Watt meter plugs into a standard wall outlet. Any appliance or device with a three-prong power cord can be plugged into the meter’s front socket. The meter measures the appliance’s kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage and calculates daily, weekly, monthly and annual consumption. The meter can also check the quality of the power delivered to the outlet.

The Kill A Watt meter is especially useful for identifying which of your household devices are drawing the most power, and determining whether an old appliance has become too inefficient.

Meters are available at the Castle Pines, Philip S. Miller (Castle Rock) and Parker DCL branches, and can be reserved via For a list of common household appliances and devices and the typical kilowatts hours they consume, visit