Important rooftop solar info

IREA received more small generation interconnection (SGI) applications through August of this year than we did throughout 2018. We are adding resources to handle the workload associated with these applications, but it takes time to handle applications and there have been some delays.

We welcome additional rooftop solar applications, but want to stress several things:

• Please contact IREA before committing to or signing a vendor agreement, so we can explain how your solar interconnection may affect your IREA bill. We can be reached at (303) 688-3100, ext. 5302.

• To get started with your rooftop solar project, we will provide you a packet that includes an application and important info that you and your solar vendor will need. Call the number above to request a packet.

• IREA must receive a complete application – including all required documentation and payment of the application fee – before we will put your project into the queue for a technical review for safety and grid integrity. Once the review is complete, the solar vendor will be notified that the system is either approved for installation or requires corrections.

• Some solar vendors begin installation prior to receiving approval for installation. This may result in the homeowner paying for an idle system that cannot be used until required reviews, inspections and possible corrections that require additional work are completed.

• IREA does its best to review and approve all completed applications as quickly as possible. This process is subject to the volume of applications received, incomplete applications requiring additional information or corrections, and the number of status inquiries made by customers and solar vendors.