IREA launches new One Click payment option

IREA’s new One Click payment option has been very well-received for its convenience. If you don’t use it, you should look into it.

The option is available to any eBill customer. eBill customers who have never made payments through the eBill and have not selected the option to “Save Payment Details” can easily set up the One Click option: Open your eBill PDF, enter your payment information, check the box next to “Save Payment Details,” and you’re all set. Your next eBill will display a “Pay Total Amount Due” button within the body of the email and will prominently show that amount.

To make payment, simply click this button and choose “Submit Payment.” You will not even have to open the eBill PDF to make payment.

Your bill will be available for your review in the email and archived on our “My Account” customer portal, which is accessible at IREA’s website,

eBill customers who made a previous payment through an eBill and selected the option to “Save Payment Details” already can use the One Click option without any further action.

The One Click payment option is available only to electronic billing customers.

If you would like to sign up for our free, secure and easy-to-use eBilling, visit