IREA to double Energy Outreach donations

Charitable IREA customers can help struggling Colorado families pay their energy bills this winter.

Donors can effectively double their contributions without donating more. For each dollar you pledge to Energy Outreach Colorado, IREA will make a matching contribution, up to $75,000 total this year.

Energy Outreach is a nonprofit assistance program in which all Colorado utilities participate. Established in 1989 to help thousands of low-income Coloradans afford home energy, more than 94% of Energy Outreach’s expenses go toward program services that provide heating bill assistance, emergency home furnace repair and grants to improve the energy efficiency of non-profit and affordable housing facilities.

Last year Energy Outreach helped 16,000-plus Colorado households pay for heat and electricity and, as of the end of 2017, has raised more than $273 million for seniors on fixed incomes, individuals with disabilities, families hurt by the loss of jobs, and many more income-limited Coloradans, including hundreds of IREA customers.

You can help by submitting an online form at If you opt to give monthly, we will add a separate line item to your monthly IREA billing statement. Your monthly contribution will continue until you notify IREA in writing that you no longer wish to contribute to the program.

Imagine: With IREA’s matching gift program, every penny you give becomes two. And while just a few pennies – or a few dollars – may not seem like much to you, your gracious donation will mean warm homes and happy families community-wide.

For more information on Energy Outreach Colorado, or to make a contribution online, visit If you are in need of assistance paying your energy bill, visit