Member Experience Upgrades

CORE members now have more choice, control and convenience!


We have made upgrades to your member experience. Read about some of the new features below, or access our new SmartHub platform via My Account Login or downloading the SmartHub app.

Account management at your fingertips

With our new account management platform, SmartHub, you now have easier access to your account! Just click My Account Login, or download the app for your iOS or Android device. Note: You will need to first enroll in SmartHub.

Additional billing and payment options

Visit our Billing & Payments page for more information about these and other billing and payment options, most of which you can enroll in through SmartHub.

Quickly make payments on your balance due. The first time you make a payment — either online or on the mobile app — you can securely store your payment information for easy future transactions.

Enjoy the convenience of having your bill automatically paid each month from your bank account or credit card when you enroll in Auto Pay. You no longer have to worry about due dates or late fees, as payments are automatically deducted from your account each month. For each account you have with us, you’ll be able to add, edit and remove any payment accounts you have set up to automatically make payments on your bill each month.

Budget Billing allows you to levelize your bill and pay an average amount per month instead of paying for high usage amounts in one season and lower usage amounts in another season. Your budget plan balance will be shown on your bill each month.

Save trees and time with this feature! You will receive emailed notice each month that your bill is available in SmartHub. Note: Enrollment in Paperless Billing will apply to all accounts registered with your email address.

Find participating retailers nationwide where you can pay in-person with cash.

My Usage

There’s nothing worse than sticker shock when the electric bill arrives. Our new SmartHub platform gives you access to detailed, easy-to-read information about your electric use that can help you make informed decisions and save money. Visit our My Usage page for additional info, or log into SmartHub to access it now!

A new-look bill

Click here for an interactive guide to your redesigned bill.