The fun side of energy efficiency

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Susan Kroll is IREA’s Energy Auditor. She is an energy efficiency expert and conducts free energy audits for IREA customers. Call (720) 733-5544 today to schedule your free home energy audit.

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Why do I like my job as IREA’s energy auditor?

I thoroughly enjoy helping people. I recently was able to suggest to a customer that her overall utility costs would be lower if she turned her gas furnace up a degree or two and avoided constantly using a space heater. I also recently met with a senior citizen on a fixed income who uses an oxygen machine. Older models typically used approximately 585 watts of power. Newer more efficient models use closer to 385 watts of power. For this senior citizen, who has to use oxygen all the time, an upgrade saves approximately $17 per month.

I also have the pleasure of regularly meeting with Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts in our territory to assist them in earning different energy-efficiency badges. It’s always interesting to hear what children have to say about energy efficiency and how they can help save. I most recently assisted a Girl Scout troop in performing an energy audit at a local fire station. The energy audit was a requirement for them to earn their energy-efficiency badge.

If you have a group – young or old – and would like to learn more about energy efficiency, please feel free to contact me at (720) 733-5544.

You can also call to schedule a free energy audit for your home or business and learn some of the simple yet effective steps you can take to make your space more energy-efficient and save money on your monthly electric bills.