Board approves changes to Rates and Regulations

CORE’s Board of Directors has authorized changes to the Rates and Regulations that will go into effect March 7, 2022, and include:

• Updates to reflect our name change to CORE Electric Cooperative.

• Updates to the optional time-of-use (TOU) rider for several service types, to match changes in our base rates made in September 2021.

• Annual updates to coincident peak (CP) rates, based on estimated Xcel/PSCo production charges.

• Updates to several types of account and service fees and charges.

• Clarification of the non-standard meter reading rider that applies to residential services with no advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) meter.

• Elimination of construction allowance and rebates.

A full version of the amended Rates and Regulations, including redlines, is available on our Notices & Documents page, under Rates and Regulations, and at any CORE office.