Electrical Safety

Keep you and your loved ones safe by following these electrical safety tips:

  • Call CORE immediately at (800) 332-9540 to report a downed power line or other equipment, and maintain a distance of at least 10 feet.
  • Discuss electrical safety with your children. Tell them to never climb trees near power lines, and to not fly drones, kites, and other model aircraft near power lines or poles. They also should not play on or around substations, which typically are fenced off, or pad-mounted transformers and other equipment.
  • Call 811 or visit www.Colorado811.org to request a free utility locate before you break ground on any outdoor project.
  • Do not trim trees or other vegetation near power lines and poles. Call us to report any potential hazards.
  • Be mindful of CORE’s guidelines when landscaping your property. Visit the CORE and Your Property page for more info.
  • Never plug an extension cord into another extension cord.
  • Never use a gas-powered portable generator indoors.
  • During home improvement and other projects, plug any power tools only into ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets.
  • Do not post flyers, posters, or other materials to utility poles.