Line Work Equipment

Intro to line work equipment

On top of their skills and knowledge, CORE line personnel go into the field equipped with a variety of gear. Here is a look at just some of their everyday items, courtesy of CORE Journeyman Lineman Eddie McGee.

Other essential equipment not pictured here: Rubber sleeves and elbow-length rubber gloves, which are used when working with energized equipment; Eddie’s tool belt and canvas ditty bag, which is used to carry nuts, bolts and other materials; a harness to prevent falls when working from an aerial bucket.

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Line Work Equipment
Hardhat Handline Protective eyewear Fire-resistant clothing Hot stick Safety strap Climbers Steel gaffs


Eddie's insulated hardhat protects his head from bumps and falling objects.


Eddie's handline allows him to hoist or lower materials.

Protective eyewear

Shields Eddie's vision from arc flashes and makes it easier to see what he is doing.

Fire-resistant clothing

A long-sleeved shirt, jeans and gloves must cover Eddie's body so that no skin is exposed.

Hot stick

Eddie's hot stick is used to safely adjust switches, move lines and work with other energized and non-energized equipment.

Safety strap

A safety strap is attached to Eddie's climbing belt and looped around the pole as he ascends and descends. It keeps him secure and his hands free as he performs work at the top.


Eddie uses these to secure the steel gaffs that dig into wood poles as he climbs up and down.

Steel gaffs

These dig into wood poles so that Eddie can safely climb up and down.