Capital Credits

We put money in your pocket.

Members of CORE Electric Cooperative are also owners. Unlike investor-owned utilities that give their profits to shareholders, electric cooperatives return our profits (or margins) to our members in the form of capital credits.

How capital credits work

Service Starts

When you establish service with CORE, you also get a membership that is used to track your capital credits, or your portion of the cooperative’s profits (margin).

Allocations & Retirements

Each year, two things occur: allocations and retirements.


First, our net margin (funds left after expenses are paid) is allocated to members we served that year. Each member receives an allocation based, in part, on their usage that year, so amounts can vary.


The longer you are a member, the more allocations you will get. If you leave our service area, your allocation ‘bucket’ no longer grows, but is not deleted.


Second, the board of directors evaluates CORE's financial obligations and operating needs to determine if we can retire a portion of the funds allocated to members. This retirement is money in your pocket!

Capital Credits

The portion of capital credits not retired is used for system improvements, maintenance and keeping your co-op running.


Once a retirement is approved, it is paid out on a percentage basis to both current and former members.
Most current members will receive their capital credits as a credit on their bill. Current members who have opted out of bill credits and former members will receive checks.

Capital Credit Retirements

Most members will receive a capital credit retirement in the form of a bill credit. A capital credit retirement check is mailed in lieu of a bill credit if:

  • The member opts out of the bill credit by written notification to CORE or by completing the Bill Credit Opt-In/Opt-Out Form.
  • The member has multiple active accounts. If such a member prefers a bill credit instead of a check, they must designate a single account for the bill credit to be applied. This can be done by completing the Bill Credit Opt-In/Opt-Out Form.
  • The member no longer has an active account.

Checks are not issued for amounts less than $25; however, the deferred amount accumulates. Once the amount reaches $25 or more, CORE will issue a check for the full accrued amount.

Joint Membership

A married primary account holder has the option of establishing a joint membership with their spouse, in which all capital credit allocations for the membership will be owned jointly by both parties. Roommates or significant others may not hold a joint membership. You can sign up for a joint membership by submitting a Joint Membership Agreement.

Joint Membership Dissolutions

When members need to dissolve a joint membership, due to divorce or other reasons, they have the option of either splitting the accrued capital credit allocations between both parties or having one party relinquish all accrued capital credit allocations to the other party. Relinquishment and Split forms can be printed from the links below; both forms require notarization of both joint account holders’ signatures before processing can occur.

Relinquishment Form

Split Form

Return your completed form to CORE by mail to 5496 N US Highway 85, Sedalia, CO 80135, by email to

A joint account also dissolves when one party passes. In such cases, the remaining capital credit allocations are transferred into the living spouse’s name and the joint account becomes an individual account. If your spouse has passed, contact Member Services at (800) 332-9540, or email us at

Capital Credits FAQs

How is my retirement determined?

The board of directors approves retirement methodology which designates how retirements are to be paid to current and former members, and that may retire credits allocated for certain years. CORE’s goal is to retire at least 4% of equity allocated to members each year.

What if I receive a check that is not mine?

Please write “Return to Sender” on the envelope and remit it to the U.S. Postal Service. CORE will code the account so that future refunds for this member will not be sent to your address.

I found an old capital credit check that I forgot to cash. How long do I have to cash my capital credits refund check?

If your check was issued more than 180 days ago, please contact CORE and we will reissue the check.

Will I receive interest on my capital credit refund?

No, you do not receive interest on your capital credits.

What if I move out of the territory?

If you move from our service area, the capital credits accumulated in your account will remain in your name. Therefore, it is very important that you keep CORE informed of your current mailing address so we can send you any future capital credit retirements. To update your address, contact Member Services at (800) 332-9540.