CORE Protect: Wildfire Mitigation


CORE Electric Cooperative is committed to mitigating the risk of wildfire and protecting our members, employees and distribution system. Learn how our comprehensive wildfire mitigation plan and other practices and programs safeguard you, our employees and the electric grid, and how you can help us reduce the risk of wildfires.

Vegetation Program

Vegetation management plays a key role in reducing the risk of wildfire.

Operational Practices

Situational awareness tools provide fire warnings, watches and forecasts for our service area.

Inspection Programs

Inspections of our overhead distribution and transmission systems identify maintenance issues.

System Hardening

Upgrades to our design, equipment and construction standards reduce ignition sources.

New Technology

Cutting-edge tools include camera technology, satellite imagery, non-expulsion fuses and more.

What You Can Do

Members can take action to reduce the risk of wildfire and protect themselves and others.