COREV Residential EV Charging

CORE offers two options for our residential electric vehicle charger program: COREV Charge and COREV Connect.

Both options support the increasing number of CORE members with EVs, but are tailored for members’ different levels of need.

COREV Charge is designed for members who would like to use a CORE-provided EV charger, and may or may not need assistance to provide adequate wiring for the EV charger. Read more about COREV Charge below and click “Enroll Now in Charge.”

COREV Connect rewards participating members with an annual credit for connecting their own ChargePoint HomeFlex charger to CORE’s ChargePoint platform! See the information below and select “Enroll Now in Connect.”

With COREV Charge:

• CORE reimburses 50% of costs, up to $400, for any make-ready electrical work necessary to support a Level 2 residential EV charger – typically from your service panel to your garage. You are responsible for paying the CORE-affiliated electrician; CORE will subsequently credit your account. (For full details, see Section 3.2 of the COREV Charge Program Member Enrollment Agreement.)

• CORE installs a CORE-owned and maintained 240-volt, 40-amp (or equivalent) Level 2 ChargePoint Home Flex charger.

• CORE connects the EV charger to the ChargePoint network, establishes electrical current settings, and ensures a proper charge to your vehicle.

• A $22 monthly subscription fee covers all program benefits and will be added to your electric bill. (For full details, see Section 5.1 of the COREV Charge Program Member Enrollment Agreement.)

With COREV Connect:

• CORE provides a $15 annual credit to a member who connects their personal ChargePoint charger to CORE’s network.

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