The Journey of Electricity

How Electricity Travels to your Household

Electricity plays an essential role in everyday life. The system that delivers your electricity is often described as the most complex machine in the world, and it’s known as the electric grid.

The electric grid is a network of power lines, transformers, substations and other infrastructure that spans the entire country. Electricity is created at power plants using various sources such as natural gas, solar, wind and nuclear energy. Across the U.S., more than 11,000 power plants deliver electricity to the grid.

It’s important to be aware that CORE is a distribution-only cooperative, meaning we do not generate power. Instead, we purchase this power under long-term agreements with several providers. We also purchase the output of several utility-scale solar facilities, and own and receive a share of the generated power from Xcel-operated Comanche Unit 3, a supercritical, pulverized coal plant in Pueblo. CORE owns and operates transmission and distribution lines, substations, and other equipment that help transport this power to our service area.

Let’s go over how CORE safely delivers purchased power to your home or business:

1. Transmission lines are the towers that provide the longest distance connection between power plants and electric substations. These lines act as highways for electricity carrying the power at a higher voltage. CORE owns and operates a 115kV Transmission network that is on the lower side of transmission voltages which range from 69kV to 765kV.

2. Substations are like pit stops along the highway, where the voltage of electricity is adjusted. They play a critical role in managing power flow and ensuring that electricity is safe for use in homes and businesses.

3. Distribution lines then carry the electricity from substations to homes, schools and businesses. Distribution transformers, which look like metal buckets on the tops of power poles or large green boxes on the ground, further reduce voltage to levels suitable for household appliances and electronic devices.

Electricity travels great distances to be available at the flip of a switch. We’re proud to be as essential part of powering up your everyday life.