Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment

Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment

Due to the increasing volatility of power costs, CORE implemented in September 2021 a wholesale power cost adjustment (WPCA) that is recalculated quarterly in response to, or in anticipation of, power cost variances so that we may either recover or refund changes in power costs to members. This variable rate rider allows us to true-up actual wholesale power cost variances from previously forecasted amounts to better protect our overall financial stability.

The WPCA charge appears as a line item under the Current Activity section of your monthly bill.

The WPCA is typically recalculated quarterly. Refer to this page for current and upcoming rates.

Period Rate
Quarter 1 2024 $0.00194/kWh
Quarter 2 2024 -$0.00188/kWh*

* The WPCA for Q2 2024 is negative, which will result in a bill credit for most members on bills issued in April, May and June.