Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment

Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment

CORE Electric Cooperative has used a temporary power cost adjustment (PCA) on occasion to refund or recover unexpected changes in power costs, such as those caused by the inoperability of the Comanche Unit 3 power plant in 2020.

Due to the increasing volatility of power costs, CORE replaced the temporary PCA with a new wholesale power cost adjustment (WPCA) that will be recalculated quarterly in response to, or in anticipation of, power cost variances so CORE may either recover or refund changes in power costs to members. This variable rate rider will allow us to true-up actual wholesale power cost variances from previously forecasted amounts to better protect our overall financial stability.

With the PCA expiring Aug. 31, 2021, and the WPCA taking effect Sept. 1, 2021, CORE members whose billing cycles include days in both those months will see a WPCA charge on their September bills. During the first month each new WPCA rate is applicable, charges are prorated based on the number of days on the bill in each period. Each rate applies only to the days in its respective period.


The WPCA for Quarter 1 of 2022 is $0.006 per kWh, and the WPCA for Quarter 2 of 2022 is $0.006 per kWh.

If your April 2022 bill covers March 16 to April 18 and your use averaged 29.4 kWh per day March 16-31 (16 days) and 29.4 kWh per day April 1-18 (18 days), your charge would be:

16 × 29.4 × $0.006
18 × 29.4 × $0.006

The WPCA is recalculated quarterly. Refer to this page for current and upcoming rates.

Period Rate
Quarter 1 2022 $0.006/kWh
Quarter 2 2022 $0.006/kWh