Building Benchmarking

Building Benchmarking Overview

In June 2021, the State of Colorado enacted HB 21-1286, Energy Performance for Buildings, which “requires owners of certain large buildings (covered buildings), on an annual basis, to collect and report to the Colorado energy office (office) the covered building’s energy use. The act establishes a process requiring certain electric and gas utilities to provide energy-use data to a covered building owner when requested by the covered building owner.”

CORE will upload energy-use data from the covered building electric meter(s) directly to the EnergyStar Portfolio Manager software. Covered building owners will need to register with CORE to authorize this upload of energy-use data.

Registration for Covered Building Owners

  • Covered building owners are required to submit the Building Owner Request Form and an Authorization for Release of Utility Information Form for each tenant, if the building has fewer than four tenants, to begin the process of energy-use data uploads to the EnergyStar Portfolio Manager.
  • Once all required forms have been received, CORE will e-mail instructions for configuring your building benchmarking account in the Portfolio Manager.
  • After this registration process is completed and your Portfolio Manager account has been configured for CORE to share data with you, automated uploads of electric meter energy-usage data will commence on June 1, 2022.

For questions regarding building benchmarking or compliance with the law, please contact the Colorado Energy Office at 888-513-0353.

Registration Process

Building Owner Request Form

Owners of covered buildings within CORE’s service area are required to complete and upload the Building Owner Request Form below. To ensure accuracy, the address provided on the form must match the address specified by the state in its mailed notice to you. A separate form will be required for each covered building address.

Upload completed forms in the tab below.

Authorization for Release of Utility Information Form

Covered buildings that have fewer than four utility customers/tenants will be required to obtain tenant consent prior to CORE releasing electric meter energy-usage data to the building owner.

  • If your building has four or more tenants, this form is not required.
  • For buildings with fewer than four tenants, please ensure that a signed copy of this form is uploaded for all tenants. It is the building owner’s responsibility to keep these documents updated and filed with CORE Electric Cooperative.

Note: If benchmarking data disclosure is covered within a lease agreement provision, a signed copy of the lease may be uploaded in lieu of the Authorization for Release of Utility Information Form.

Upload completed forms in the tab below.

Upload Forms

Change the file name(s) of the completed form(s) to include the street address of the building and upload copies of the Building Owner Request Form and Authorization for Release of Utility Information Form(s), if applicable.

Drop files here or
Max. file size: 256 MB.