Energy Portfolio/Mix

CORE Electric Cooperative is committed to providing electricity that is both reliable and affordable.

We purchase wholesale power from Xcel Energy and the Western Area Power Administration and receive additional power from Comanche Unit 3, a supercritical, pulverized coal plant located in Pueblo and operated by Xcel Energy.

In the last several years, we have made significant investments in utility-scale renewables that make dependable energy available at or below our avoided cost, which is what CORE would otherwise pay for the same amount of energy from other sources. We also have interconnected to our grid nearly 5,000 rooftop solar systems that offer more than 26 megawatts of potential generation.

CORE currently is reviewing new power supply options to begin in 2026, after our current power purchase agreement (PPA) with Xcel Energy expires. We expect any new PPA to provide our cooperative flexibility in maximizing renewables without sacrificing reliability or affordability.

2021 Energy by Source*




Natural Gas



* Figures are estimated based on best data available as of March 2022.