Understanding Your Bill

Your monthly bill includes important information and data. Hover over or tap any part of the sample bill below to see additional information. Members who would like to view more detailed usage not included with their monthly bill can access My Power.

Understanding Your Bill (Back)
Meter Readings My Billing Snapshot Current Charges Special Messages Back of Payment Stub

Meter Readings

Any readings from your meter(s), multipliers and dates used to calculate your energy charges are listed here. For your convenience, your account number also is listed here.

My Billing Snapshot

A quick look at how your current usage compares to the previous year's same billing period.

Current Charges

This section provides a line-item description of this month's charges to your account.

Special Messages

Each month CORE will highlight special programs, promotions and account features for you to consider.

Back of Payment Stub

If you've filled out any of these details, make sure you have also checked the box on the front of the stub. The box on the front must be checked for any changes to be made to your account.