Understanding Your Bill

Your monthly bill includes important information and data. Hover over or tap any part of the sample bill below to see additional information. Members who would like to view more detailed usage not included with their monthly bill can access My Usage via SmartHub.

Understanding Your Bill, July 2023 (Front)
Account Information Total Amount Due Your Energy Usage Your Billing Snapshot Important Member Information Payment Stub

Account Information

General information about your service location and account.

Total Amount Due

Your current amount due and due date are front and center.

Your Energy Usage

Your total energy use and daily average in the previous and current billing periods, and on-peak, peak demand (in kilowatts) and time at which it occurred.

Your Billing Snapshot

Info regarding your current billing period.

Important Member Information

Here you will find important info about the status of your account, including any voluntary programs or services for which you are signed up.

Payment Stub

If you don't pay your bill electronically, mail this stub with your payment.

Understanding Your Bill, July 2023 (Back)
Meter Readings Energy Use History Account Activity Special Message Pay by Cash Energy Outreach Colorado

Meter Readings

Any readings from your meter(s), multipliers and dates used to calculate your energy charges are listed here.

Energy Use History

Compare your current energy use to your monthly use in the past 24 months.

Account Activity

Payments, balances and a line-item breakdown of your current charges.

Special Message

CORE will highlight services, programs and features that might be of interest to you.

Pay by Cash

Visit a participating retail location and have a cashier scan this bar code to pay your bill with cash.

Energy Outreach Colorado

Use this to make a one-time or recurring contribution to Energy Outreach Colorado.