Business Development

CORE Electric Cooperative, Colorado’s premier utility, is pleased to offer site location services and tailored solutions for business expansions and relocations along the Front Range. We welcome businesses of all sizes with reliable service, affordable rates, and an expanded renewable energy mix.

We look forward to working with you and providing you with the Energy to Thrive.

Robert Osborn, Esq.

Director of Business Development

Angie Bedolla

Local Government and Business Relations Manager

CORE Electric Cooperative Overview

CORE is a cooperative utility and a nonprofit company. CORE is not regulated by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, which provides us the capability of developing and deploying customer service options in real time. CORE is owned by our customers who we call, “Members.” Our commitment to our members, is to provide reliable and affordable electric energy.

CORE’s service area is 5000 square miles circumventing the Denver Metro region and is rapidly growing in Adams County, Arapahoe County and Douglas County. CORE is unique, as we have many substations and verified real estate sites, (real estate that has over 120 due diligence data points collected and available to site selectors and companies looking to build their business) within our service area that have available service capacity. CORE has available capacity at many of our substations in excess of 10 MW and the capability to interconnect large load users with limited expense compared to our neighboring utilities.

CORE stands with an excellent credit history and operational excellence. CORE recently received a Fitch Ratings credit rating of “AA-” which is the highest public rating tier achieved for electric distribution cooperatives rated by Fitch Ratings.

Verified Sites

CORE Electric Cooperative’s Verified Site Program offers real estate options for expansion and relocations within our service territory. Our business development team works with community partners, landowners, real estate brokers, and developers to identify shovel ready sites. The program offers significant data, detail, due diligence documentation, and incentive information to increase speed to market for a project.

CORE Verified Sites:

Please contact Angie Bedolla for more information.

CORE Partners

CORE is active in many business organizations, Chambers of Commerce, and Regional Economic Development Organizations. CORE has the ability to aid new and existing business members in navigating issues and enlisting support for their growth and prosperity. Learn more about our partners below:

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Rates and Energy Mix

CORE is committed to rate stability and only increases rates when necessary. CORE has only had one rate increase in the past ten years. This was approved in 2022, and our Board of Directors has committed to not raise rates in 2023. View our CORE Rates and Regulations book.

Recognizing that large load users take time to ramp up operations, CORE as a nonregulated utility, has the capability to work with members in designing development rate options or make consideration to system improvement investments. We can do this with approval from our Board of Directors. This can be accomplished in rapid time. Other utilities in Colorado must file applications to the Colorado Public Utilities Commission to seek approval of economic development rates or investments which may take up to a year to consider and approve.

CORE is leading an energy transformation that will increase renewable options for our members. This transition is rate neutral, meaning CORE is not going to increase rates to make our renewable commitments a reality for our members. Learn more about CORE’s energy transformation.


The partnership with Invenergy will provide CORE with over 1.2 terawatt-hours of renewable energy per year, which includes approximately 400 megawatts (MW) of new solar and wind energy projects and 100 MW of battery storage, backed up by over 300 MW of existing reliable natural gas resources starting in 2026. In January of 2026, CORE will have more flexibility to administer renewable program offerings. This date is defined by expiration of our current power purchase agreement with Xcel Energy and the initiation of our new power purchase agreement with Invenergy.

CORE also offers Member Renewable Energy Credit programs. While many private companies offer RECs and similar commodities, CORE has created a REC program that makes the purchase of RECs affordable and easy for our members. We obtain RECs through wholesale power purchases, and we do not add any additional fees to REC transactions.

CORE members have the option of acquiring RECs as a one-time or monthly purchase. A purchase will be added as a line item on a member’s bill. For monthly purchasers, this will continue until members notify CORE they no longer wish to participate. A member’s selected purchase amount is in no way associated with their monthly electric usage and charges.

CORE also supports member owned solar and has many options on how we can work together to bring projects forward with our members.

CORE Commitments

CORE is committed to creating connections for the members we serve to grow and expand their businesses. As a member owned utility, CORE has deep and personal relationships with the business community and business members we serve. We have the ability to connect members together to strengthen business relationships. These relationships expand collaboration, market growth, job growth, and revenues in the communities we serve. CORE is active in many business organizations, Chambers of Commerce, and Regional Economic Development Organizations. CORE has the ability to aid new and existing business members in navigating issues and enlisting support for their growth and prosperity.


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