System Improvements

We continually upgrade our system to improve reliability.

The projects detailed on this page represent just a few examples of our ongoing and planned system improvements. Click on a project’s title to read more about it. If you have questions or comments, contact us via the form on our Contact page.

Bayou-Elizabeth Transmission Rebuild

This summer, CORE began rebuilding the existing 115-kilovolt transmission line between our Bayou Substation in Douglas County and Elizabeth Substation in Elbert County. The project is approximately 8.9 miles long and will replace  existing wood H-frame structures with new wood mono-poles and steel poles.  Wood mono-poles will be used at locations where the overhead wires are straight – with no line angles – and steel poles will be used where the overhead wires have a line angle. The transmission line will be rebuilt to CORE’s current transmission standards, which includes conductor designed for higher operating  temperatures and with a 30% larger diameter. These features will increase the amount of power that can be transmitted. CORE standards also include the  installation of shield wire that will be located above the three conductors and will provide lightning protection. New communications facilities will allow the two  substations to communicate with each other. The new transmission line will be rebuilt in the CORE’s existing right-of-way. CORE has performed an environmental review to ensure the design and construction of the transmission line follows regulatory agency requirements. The project also required permits from Douglas County, Elbert County, the Federal Aviation Administration and the State of Colorado. Construction will be done by Colorado Powerline Inc. (CPI) and is expected to be completed in early 2022.

Bennett, Elizabeth Line Rebuilds

CORE is converting an aging section of overhead distribution line to underground to improve system reliability in the Bennett area. The line originates at our Bennett Substation and extends north across Interstate 70 and into the area near King Soopers. Construction of the electric facilities was completed in November 2020. Additional cleanup work was done this past spring. In 2021, we will also rebuild the 115-kilovolt transmission line between our Bayou and Elizabeth substations. The larger conductor will increase capacity in the area, which includes neighborhoods in and around Elizabeth, Franktown and western Douglas and eastern Elbert counties. Construction is planned to be completed by the end of the year.

Bergen Park Substation and Line Upgrades

CORE is improving service in the Bergen Park area with line and facilities  upgrades. The area is currently cut off from other parts of CORE’s system and is served by a transmission line maintained by Xcel Energy. We recently built an  addition to an Xcel substation that allows us to take service directly from the 115-volt transmission system, rather than the 25-volt distribution feed that previously served the area. We rebuilt the main distribution loops in the area, except for one piece along Saddleback Drive, which will be constructed in 2021. We conduct distribution maintenance and vegetation management work in the area on an ongoing basis, and in late 2020, fire mitigation work was performed on the transmission line that feeds the Bergen Park Substation.

Deer Creek Canyon Line Rebuild

CORE is rebuilding an existing distribution line to improve reliability and mitigate the risk of wildfire in the Deer Creek Canyon area. Several outages have  occurred along a 5.5-mile segment of 12.47-kilovolt line between C-470 and Tiny Town. Parts of the segment are not accessible with typical line-building equipment; so, holes must be dug by hand and poles set via helicopter. This project began in spring of 2020 and will continue into fall of 2021.

Deer Trail Line Upgrades

CORE is currently upgrading a 7.25-mile section of overhead distribution line in the easternmost part of its service territory. The project is the first of two planned this year to help improve reliability for CORE members in Deer Trail and the surrounding areas. The current distribution line upgrade starts at the intersection of South Price Road and East Yale Avenue, just north of Deer Trail, and extends to the west for 2 miles before heading north an additional 5.25 miles to U.S. Highway 36. The project involves redesigning the aging three-phase distribution circuit to CORE’s new standards. Upgrades will include new, taller wood poles and aluminum steel-reinforced conductor. The project also includes numerous upgraded taps for landowners along the 7.25-mile section. Construction has been completed for the first 4 miles of the project, with the remaining 3.25 miles expected to be completed by early spring.

Franktown Substation

Due to continued growth in southern Parker and eastern Castle Rock, CORE has identified the need for a new substation near the Town of Franktown, along U.S. Highway 83. The site has been permitted through Douglas County and engineering has started. Construction likely will begin in May 2021 and be completed by March 2022.

Harris Park Rebuild

CORE is rebuilding existing distribution lines and replacing equipment and poles to improve the reliability of infrastructure and bring this portion of the service territory up to current design standards and code requirements. As part of this effort, contractors for CORE will conduct data gathering, facility inventorying, utility locating and construction staking that may require access to private property.

Kenosha Pass/Roberts Tunnel 115kV Upgrade

CORE is rebuilding 8.5 miles of transmission line in north Park County. The work is part of a long-term rebuild of the transmission line between Conifer and Park  County to increase capacity and improve reliability. The work will upgrade the existing 44-kilovolt line between the west side of Kenosha Pass near Jefferson and the Roberts Tunnel Power Generation Station near Grant to 115 kilovolts. A new Roberts Tunnel substation will replace both the Grant and existing Roberts Tunnel substations. The area’s terrain requires the use of helicopters and track-mounted drill rigs. Much of the work will be visible along U.S. Highway 285. The project required approval from the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Park County, and the Colorado State Land Board. It is scheduled for completion in the fall of 2021.

Lake George to Eleven Mile Village

We continue to replace old single-phase line between Lake George to Eleven Mile Canyon Reservoir. We began upgrading this line in 2017 and are finalizing engineering of the final 4.6 miles from Stoll Ranch Road into Eleven Mile Village, generally along County Road 92. This final segment should be constructed by September 2021.

Palmer Lake Rebuild

CORE has begun a rebuild project that consists of upgrading single- and three-phase distribution lines in the Palmer Lake area. The upgrade is substantial and will be completed in four phases. The first phase, in the northwestern portion of town, began construction recently. The rebuild of this area will improve reliability, as the existing lines are outdated and no longer meet CORE standards. The upgrade will also include new transformers, poles and wire, which will improve the aesthetics of the line within the boundaries of Palmer Lake.

Wildfire Mitigation Plan

CORE is committed to mitigating the risk of wildfire to protect our members, employees and distribution system. We have implemented a comprehensive wildfire mitigation plan to reduce the risk of CORE’s equipment and facilities causing a wildfire. The plan is intended to safeguard members, our employees and the electric system upon which you rely now more than ever. More information about the plan is available here.

Woodland Park-Divide Rebuild

CORE is rebuilding approximately 7 miles of the distribution line that parallels Highway 24 between Woodland Park and Divide. We know Colorado winters can be tough on vehicles; the same is true for utility infrastructure. Magnesium  chloride applied to the highway has, over time, coated the wooden crossarms and porcelain insulators with salt, causing outages on this line. We are rebuilding the line with unique materials like polymer insulators and fiberglass crossarms that naturally rinse better from precipitation, and hardware that will allow the wire to move more freely when ice and snowstorms occur. Construction began in January and is expected to conclude in late summer.


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