System Improvements

We continually upgrade our system to improve reliability.

The projects detailed on this page represent just a few examples of our ongoing and planned system improvements. Click on a project’s title to read more about it. If you have questions or comments, contact us via the form on our Contact page.

Distribution Projects

Palmer Lake

Upgrading single and three phase distribution lines and member line taps in Palmer Lake area in 3 phases through 2024. Project will improve reliability in the area and bring lines up to current standards. CPI construction of Phase 2 is completed with restoration and 2 service upgrades remaining.

Wolf Creek Rebuild

Upgrading 8 miles of existing 3-phase 4/0 ACSR with 477 ACSR Hawk 26/7. Construction started in February 2023, all permits have been acquired. Construction is expected to be completed early fall.

Delbert Rd Rebuild

Upgrading 3.5 miles of existing 3-phase 4/0 conductor with 477 ACSR Hawk 26/7. Project also includes replacing existing CWC taps with 1/0 ACSR. Construction started in October 2022 by CORE’s Sedalia crew and is expected to be complete by end of July 2023.

Citadel Feeders

The feeder exits have been broken into four phases. The first phase is scheduled to be complete by December of 2023 and the last phase by late 2024.


Upgrading 5.9 miles of single-phase line to three-phase in the Indian Mountain area, Conifer territory. Construction in progress.


Upgrading 3 miles of single-phase line to three-phase in the Indian Mountain area, Conifer territory. Construction in progress.

Meadows Feeders PH3

This last phase of feeders out of Meadows Substation includes 2.8 miles of underground along Meadows Blvd. Construction is underway.

Pine Lane and Pine Drive Rebuild

Relocating two main feeders from overhead to underground due to a Douglas County widening project on Pine Drive. The project is approximately 2 miles. Construction is expected to begin May 2023 and be completed by October 2023.

Transformer Replacements

Construction is under way for the 2023 transformer replacements.

Padmount Switch Replacements

Construction is underway for the 2023 switch replacements.

Deer Creek to Tiny Town ADSS

Upgrading 1.5 miles of existing 3-phase to 3-phase 477 ACSR conductor to increase capacity, balance phasing and accommodate CORE ADSS fiber. This project has been released for construction. OFM has been forecasted and ordered. Start of construction is delayed until August 2024 due to environmental restrictions.

EV Charging Stations

Project includes installation of EV charging stations at various locations. Three more EV Stations were released for construction: Bailey, Kiowa and Deer Trail. Elizabeth, Bennett and Parker are under construction.

Transmission/Substation Projects

Spring Valley 115kV Transmission/Substation

Working on ROW acquisition and permitting of this 8-mile double circuit line tap off the Kiowa – Brick Center line. A site has been identified for the Spring Valley substation east of the Spring Valley golf course to support the remaining buildout in Spring Valley. Right of First Refusal was obtained in August. The Spring Valley site has multiple lines on the property, CORE is coordinating with legal to determine if land can be purchased or must be obtained by eminent domain. A future Outback substation site has been identified west of the Kiowa-Brick Center line and the land was purchase in December 2022. Four potential transmission line routes were initially identified between the existing Kiowa-Brick Center line and the Spring Valley substation. CORE has determined the preferred route and was presented at the March 29th open house meeting.

Cross Canyon Engineering has been selected for the final design of the Spring Valley substation. Final design of the Spring Valley 115kV double circuit transmission line will be awarded by end of July.

Strasburg - Deer Trail 115kV Transmission/Substation Upgrade

This is a reliability-based project to minimize line outages due to age, lightning, and voltage issues with the existing facilities. On April 28, 2022, CORE closed on a new parcel for the Strasburg Transmission substation. Parcel is approximately 1.5 miles south of the existing site. This project was put on hold in December 2022. CORE Engineering and Planning are investigating the possibility of relocating the Deer Trail substation to the south due to various design and planning concerns.

Roberts Tunnel - Shawnee 115kV Transmission

CORE Electric Cooperative will be rebuilding existing power lines (going from 44 kV to 115 kV), replacing some equipment/poles, and upgrading the Shawnee substation between Roberts Tunnel/Grant and Shawnee along Highway 285. These changes will improve the reliability of our infrastructure, add capacity for future growth in the area, and create year-round accessibility for maintenance.

Drop by to learn more, ask questions, and speak with the project team about proposed realignment routes.

Tuesday, July 25
5-7 p.m.

Canyon Room
Platte Canyon High School
57243 US Highway 285
Bailey, CO

Can’t make it? A virtual meeting will be available so you can learn more and provide feedback. Join online anytime between July 25 and Aug. 9 at

As part of this project, contractors for CORE will be conducting data gathering, facility inventorying, utility locating, aerial and property surveys, and an Environmental Assessment that may require access on private property.

Progress to Date

Design, permitting and land rights activities are underway to upgrade the existing 44kV transmission line to 115kV.

  • The project kick-off meeting with the United States Forest Service (USFS) went well.
  • Preparation of POD for submittal to the USFS began.
  • An engineering site visit occurred to discuss line route options and to propose some permanent access roads on USFS property.
  • Additional line routes have been added to the line route matrix for review.
  • We will continue to work on NEPA, line routes, conduct biological and cultural surveys, complete an Environmental Assessment, and work on the POD submittal to the USFS.

Questions? Contact (720) 722-2182.

Elizabeth Substation

Project includes a complete rebuild of the substation to increase capacity and improve reliability. Scope includes installation of upgraded 30/40/50 MVA transformers, replacing open air feeders with a new PCA building containing switchgear, new breakers, and improved access to the yard by adding a 2nd entrance. Both transformers and the PCA have delivered and been set on their foundations. The project energization date is delayed a few months due to delay of the 115kV circuit breakers which are scheduled to arrive in July, as of now no sooner arrival. CCE tested circuit switcher 306-04 and T2 secondary cable on 3/14/23, CCVT’s were delivered on 3/13/23. Powell installed the ATS for the PCA the week of 3/27/22.

Shawnee Substation

Rebuilding the existing Shawnee substation from 44kV to 115kV. Permitting and ROW acquisition activities are underway. Revisions to the site plan are in progress. Preparing submittal to the State Land Board. Project kick-off meeting with the FS went well. HDR is preparing materials and presentation for the project Open House in July.

Missile Site Interconnection

Xcel completed the power flow study to evaluate the addition of a new interconnection at the Missile Site Substation, approximately 6 miles east of the Deer Trail Substation, which would add a second source to our system’s eastern territory and improve reliability in the area and allow growth. They determined Missile was not a feasible interconnect point and are now studying a tap of the Pawnee to Brick Center 230kV line to accomplish our transmission-to-transmission interconnect.

Bailey - Shaffers Crossings 44kV Transmission Reroute

The temporary transmission shoo-fly has been constructed by CPO. Construction on the permanent reroute is scheduled for Summer/Fall 2024.

Citadel Substation

The greenfield Citadel Substation located in south Castle Rock, west of I15 is currently in design. The construction contract was awarded to Great Southwestern. Construction is scheduled to begin in May of 2023 with energization planned for June of 2024. Permits have been acquired and grading began in the last week of May.

Wolfensberger - Citadel Double Circuit 115kV Transmission

Design is complete for the 115kV double circuit transmission line from Wolfensberger Substation to the new Citadel Substation. Meyer has been selected as the steel bid vendor, with steep poles being delivered in September 2023. The construction bid package has been sent to five bidders, bids are due by July 12, 2023. Transmission assemblies lead times continue to increase with the last set of materials expected to be delivered to CORE in June 2024.

Waterton - Roxborough 115kV Transmission Rebuild

ESC Engineering was awarded the final engineering for redesigning the existing 115kV transmission line. The rebuild will match CORE current standards, which includes 1272 ACSS Bittern conductor, wood tangent monopoles and self-supporting steel dead-end and line angle structures. Material procurement will begin in Fall of 2023 with construction starting late 2024.

Lemon Gulch

The design of the second transformer at Lemon Gulch has been awarded to EN Engineering. Construction is scheduled to begin in October of 2023 to align with the delivery of the transformer.

Elizabeth Substation Feeders

Installing 12 new feeders exits to accommodate the new substation upgrades. Project has been released for construction. Construction is complete and as-builts are in progress.

Floyd Hill CDOT Relocation

Relocating existing facilities in CDOT right-of-way to accommodate road improvements. The new alignment will be in private property and reattaching our facilities to the new location of Xcel’s pole. Construction is complete and as-builts are in progress.