No two days the same

Midnight calls in blizzard conditions. Surveying miles of rugged terrain on foot. Scaling 45-foot energized poles. No two days are the same for a CORE line worker, and some can include all of the above.

A line worker’s typical day starts with a crew meeting. CORE’s aggressive system improvement and wildfire mitigation programs use technology like drone footage to identify the most critical poles and equipment for repair or replacement, which dictates the crew’s daily work. Some may also head out on foot to survey sections of lines next in the maintenance cycle. Other daily work includes replacement of electrical lines and components, underground and overhead installations, and the conversion of overhead lines to underground based on the priority of the operating district. These guys are masters of the trade and true skilled craftsmen.

Outage response is always a requirement, and we respond at any time – rain or shine. Falling trees, vehicle collisions and third-party “dig-ins” frequently damage poles and lines, which must be repaired quickly and safely to restore service.

Along with regular schedules and on-call shifts, line workers respond to emergencies and act alongside first responders. Storms, high winds and catastrophic events keep crews working around the clock, when required. It’s not uncommon for line workers to sleep at the office, a
hotel or a makeshift camp between long, high-intensity shifts.

Continued education is also part of the day-to-day routine of a line worker, learning new standards and updated equipment and technology to keep them sharp and safe.

“Our linemen are the best in the business, and I’m very proud of them,” says Alex Mendez, CORE Distribution Operations Director. “They step up to all challenges and sacrifice time with their families to keep our members service energized.”

Line Worker Appreciation Day is Tuesday, April 18. CORE Electric Cooperative is proud of our dedicated line workers who work tirelessly to provide our members The Energy to Thrive.