Payment address to change

As part of our effort to increase efficiency, we are contracting with a payment processor to handle mail payments. This move will allow us to avoid investing in new equipment to handle a diminishing number of check payments and will save labor costs. Customers who mail their monthly bill payments will soon send them to a central payment processor outside the state.

The new payment address will be in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, and will appear on the remittance portion of your monthly bill beginning later this year. Customers who use the pre-printed remittance envelope and those who pay electronically (thank you) will do nothing different when sending their payment. Those who opt to hand-address their own envelope, however, must do so with the new address. Customers who use third-party billers to pay their IREA bill may need to update IREA’s mailing address with their bank or other third-party biller. We expect the payment address change to be implemented by the end of this year.

Additional information on how to remit payment can be found at A full list of payment options, including free electronic options, can be found at