Pole inspection work to last through September

As part of our pole maintenance program, CORE is in the process of testing our electric utility poles. Our contractor, Osmose Utilities Services, will perform the work from May through September. Osmose crews may require access to and/or through your property to perform the necessary work around the existing poles. After Osmose has inspected and tested the pole, the results of the inspection may require a CORE engineer to visit the site again to determine if a pole replacement is needed. If repairs or replacements are required, a CORE crew or CORE contractor will then return to perform the necessary work. While this work may require access to your property, under no circumstances will it require access to the inside of your home or require our contractors or engineers to violate social distancing guidelines with you or any member of your family.

Any questions you have regarding the affected areas can be directed to CORE Distribution Operations Services at (720) 733-5555.