Sun will soon rise on CORE’s next solar project

Hunter Solar, CORE’s latest utility-scale renewables project, could deliver power to our grid as early as this year. CORE has a power purchase agreement (PPA) that will provide our cooperative 45 megawatts of the facility’s 75-megawatt capacity. That means CORE will purchase enough clean energy to power about 11,000 average homes each year at or below the cost we would pay for other energy sources. The investment in Hunter Solar will help CORE reach 165 megawatts of renewable energy capacity by 2025. CORE’s renewables portfolio already includes 80 megawatts from Pioneer Solar, pictured above, and 13 megawatts from Victory Solar.

CORE looking at battery options to maximize solar

CORE is actively evaluating the potential uses and costs of utility-scale battery storage to maximize our solar generation. Batteries would allow us to store solar energy gathered during the day and distribute it during peak evening hours, when demand on our system is highest but solar facilities are not generating.