Tech investments make CORE more cost-efficient

In recent years, CORE has invested in technologies that continue to help us operate more efficiently, reduce our costs and minimize financial impacts to our members. Those investments include:

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
In early 2021, we wrapped up installation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure, which replaced more than 165,000 meters throughout our system. Last year CORE avoided at least 50,000 “truck rolls” thanks to AMI. The new meters also help us identify and more quickly address voltage and other issues, and make it easier to spot power diversions – both intentional and unintentional – in which energy is being consumed free of charge.

Account Management
Earlier this year we converted our account management system to a new platform that already has made our billing processes more efficient. The new platform also includes the SmartHub account portal, which makes it easy for members to access usage info, enroll in Paperless Billing, levelize their bills via Budget Billing, and activate other services for efficiency and savings.

By 2025, our renewable energy capacity will be more than 165 megawatts. Energy from our utility-scale renewable investments comes at or below avoided cost, which is what CORE would otherwise pay for the same amount of energy from other sources.