CORE crews appreciate members’ patience, compliments

Earlier this month, much of CORE’s service area experienced some of the worst winds on record for the region. Extreme winds caused service interruptions for some CORE members. Our crews braved adverse conditions and worked as quickly as possible to restore service. During and after these windstorms, we heard from many CORE members. Below are just some of the comments they shared, and some photos taken by our crews that show just how bad conditions got. CORE line workers and other field personnel appreciate members’ patience during this difficult work, as well as their words of encouragement!

Thanks guys for getting the power back on last night!! It couldn't have been easy, and we are very grateful!!

Joy B.

Thank you for the quick response and quick work on restoring power along Highway 67 last night. Great job crew. Merry Christmas!

Tammy O.

Thanks for all the hard work to restore electricity in Teller.

Jackie H.

You did a tremendous job today CORE. Well done and many thanks! Happy Holidays.

Claudia C.

I just wanted to thank all the hardworking women and men who have been out in the weather working tirelessly to restore power!!!

Shelly W.

Thank you core! We now have power! Stay safe out there! … Thank you all for all your help getting the power back on. God bless you all!

Kristen D.

Thank you for all your hard work in restoring our power out in Guffey ❤️

Jennifer S.

Thank you, CORE Line Pros, for working late in the night to restore our service up here in the mountains of Sedalia! We appreciate you!

Bill G.

I just wanted to thank y'all, especially your linemen, for all the hard work they have put in over the last few days. I've been a resident of Teller County for 37 years. December 15th was the worst wind I have ever seen up here. Listening to my scanner, I heard of at least 5 trees the hit the power lined and I imagine there were many more. I know your team(s) were out there all night in 7° doing whatever it took to get us back up and running. You have an amazing crew. Please be sure to treat them well.

David B.

A huge thank you to all the CORE linemen and employees for working so long and hard to restore power to our community! We appreciate you! Thank you!!!!

Sue D.

Thank you for your hard work restoring our power!! So grateful!! ... I was so impressed with your team!! Very thorough and safe!! Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and safe holidays!!

Tammy M.

We want to thank you and your technicians for working so diligently to restore our power yesterday, 12/12/2021. Thankfully we have a backup generator and had 75% power, which included heat, refrigeration, and lights. THANK YOU CORE COOPERATIVE!!!

Paul B.

Kudos and many thanks to those who worked yesterday restoring power to our area! You did a GREAT job with what you had to do due to the high winds and it is truly appreciated!!! I wish you all a safe and Happy Holiday. THANK YOU!!!!!

Diane F.

I just want to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all the hard work you did yesterday, during that awful windstorm (12/15). I'm sure there's lots more to do. I just want you to know how much you're appreciated. So much. THANK YOU!

Carol L.

⚡️Our power is on!! Thanks to all who were out in the weather to make it happen!! We appreciate you!!! ⚡️

Angel A.

We just want to thank all of the crews who worked long hours to restore our power.

Douglas & Marianne Y.

With the recent power outages caused by the high winds I wanted to commend the efforts of the employees at CORE and especially the Linemen who worked very hard across long hours to get the power back on for us. The gentlemen who arrived at our home to repair a section of powerline broken by downed trees were very professional and efficient despite having worked very long hours previous to their efforts at our home.

Greg S.

Just want to let you know how pleased I was to see that you had staged an entire fleet of tree cutting vehicles and line repair bucket trucks on Floyd Hill in anticipation of the recent wind storm. I have lived here for nearly 20 years and have endured many wind storms but I have never seen our electric company PROACTIVELY prepare for potential outages. CORE is a truly professional and well-run operation worthy of respect in the industry. Despite record setting winds, our power only flickered twice but even if it went out, I felt secure knowing that you were on top of it and would restore power much sooner than a less prepared operation would/could have.

Hunter S.

Thank you CORE for the prompt service, our electric is now on. Your crews need a big thank you!

Terry G.

I just wanted to thank all of you for restoring our electricity. I know how hard you worked to get power back to over 11 thousand people and we were anxious because we were the last few. We really appreciate the work of all of you and know it was an extreme storm that created hazardous working conditions! You guys are awesome ( including the poor woman who had to listen to my call).

Nina H.