My Usage

There’s nothing worse than sticker shock when the electric bill arrives. Our new SmartHub platform gives you access to detailed, easy-to-read information about your electric use that can help you make informed decisions and save money.

Get a detailed look at your past and current power use, view your usage and weather trends by the month, day or hour. View and compare two past monthly  bills side-by-side. You can determine if changes in energy-use habits or use of a new appliance is making a difference. Plan and Save provides the ability to  track energy actions you’ve taken and see the planning markers on the graph for that time period.

Usage Explorer

When you use electricity its important to know how much you use. The Usage Explorer gives you a detailed look at your past and current usage, all in one place.  View your power use alongside weather trends by month, day or hour. Set filters for the graphs, such as date ranges or specific meters, and view a breakdown of monthly costs, along with temperature data overlaid on top of it.

Average Usage

One of the most powerful features of SmartHub is the ability to see how much electricity you typically use during a specific time period. This allows you to  see when you can save money on your bill. The top section allows you to set filters for the graph such as date ranges or specific accounts. The graph shows the type of report you selected, along with average temperature for that month, week or time of day.


Create markers for specific times or windows of time in your energy usage history.

Usage Comparison

This tool lets you compare two monthly bills side-by-side to see “this year vs. last year” or “this month vs. last month.” You can see how the weather and  temperature affects your monthly bills. This is also a good way to determine if new energy habits or an appliance are having a positive effect on your usage.

Usage Management

This section provides tools that help you identify how you use your services and evaluate ways in which you can trim usage and save money. Click the Green Button Download My Data button to download your usage to a zipped file on your computer. Opening this file lets you view your basic data in your
web browser. You can customize what usage data to view or to download your usage for the default options (Service location, Dates, and Interval) shown.