CORE’s reliability improves in 2023

The reliability of CORE’s electric service ­— already better than the industry average — improved in 2023.

Our System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI), or average outage duration in minutes for each member served, decreased from 92 minutes in 2022 to 63 minutes in 2023 — an improvement of nearly 32%.

CORE’s SAIDI is about half the five-year national average of approximately 120 minutes, as reported by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Our Average Service Availability Index (ASAI) — the percent of time service was available over the 8,760 hours in 2023 — also improved, to 99.99% from 99.98% the previous year.

Robust vegetation management, additional line inspections and multiple system improvements helped CORE exceed our 2023 reliability goals. We will continue to set aggressive reliability goals as part of our commitment to providing our nearly 180,000 members The Energy to Thrive.

Though CORE’s system continues to outperform much of the industry, it faces a variety of forces that cause occasional service interruptions. A look at our system’s 2023 outage causes:

Equipment failure, 29%
This includes any CORE equipment that failed without an external cause. Common failures include transformers, underground cables and connections between overhead lines or service wires.

Weather, 19%
Wind, lightning and heavy, wet snow are typically to blame for weather-related outages.

Public, 16%
This is almost entirely commercial “dig-ins” of our underground lines and motor vehicles colliding with poles or pad mounted-equipment.

Planned outages, 13%
These typically occur when lines must be de-energized to ensure maintenance and repair work can be done safely and quickly.

Vegetation, 11%
Vegetation includes tree growth and windblown trees falling on our overhead lines.

Animals, 7%
Wildlife — typically birds or rodents — occasionally strays onto or into our equipment and damages it.

Power supplier, 4%
This includes both planned and unplanned outages of non-CORE transmission lines and equipment.

About 2% of our 2023 outages were attributed to other or unknown causes.