Strength in diversity: A core value of IREA

IREA is committed to establishing and promoting a diverse, inclusive work environment for all employees. We recently created a diversity statement that reflects that commitment:

IREA is dedicated to building a culture that values the unique attributes of each person. To foster and maintain an engaged and highly efficient workforce, we all must feel included and valued.

IREA recognizes the voices of our employees and is dedicated to developing a diverse and inclusive work environment for ALL employees based on respect and professionalism.

IREA is committed to empowering employees to share their differences, experiences and ideas, and to establishing initiatives designed to integrate diversity and inclusion within IREA’s culture and business practices.

The association also created a diversity action plan that will help us realize that commitment. It includes:

• The development and addition of a diversity and inclusion section to IREA’s equal opportunity and non-discrimination policy.

• Annual training for all staff on diversity and inclusion-related topics.

• The expansion of recruitment efforts aimed at promoting IREA job opportunities among diverse candidates.

• The development of a diversity and inclusion focus group to aid in identifying opportunities that support our diversity statement.