CORE prepared for spring storm

CORE is prepared for significant snowfall and adverse weather forecast for Wednesday, March 13, through Friday, March 15, across our service area.

Line crews in our Sedalia, Bennett, Conifer and Woodland Park districts are on standby, with additional contractors ready to assist, if needed. We also have replacement equipment on hand, and fleet vehicles are fueled up and ready to roll into even the roughest terrain in our 5,000-square-mile service area.

We encourage members to also prepare for the expected weather. Some key tips:

• Keep an easily accessible “outage kit” that includes a battery-powered radio or TV, flashlights or headlamps, and fresh batteries. Add enough water, blankets and non-perishable food to supply your whole family.

• Turn faucets on slightly during an extended outage. The slow drip will help prevent water from freezing in the pipes.

• Have alternate plans for refrigerating medicines or using power-dependent medical devices.

• Keep refrigerators and freezers closed to preserve cold food.

• If using a generator, follow the manufacturer’s safety guidelines, such as operating it outdoors and away from windows and doors.

If your electric service is interrupted, use our online Outage Center to report and monitor outages, or call (833) 267-3349.

To report a downed line or pole, or any other safety concern or issue beyond interruption of service, please contact us as soon as possible through any of the channels on our Contact page.