International Lineman’s Rodeo

CORE linemen reach new heights at rodeo

CORE linemen were among the best at the recent International Lineman’s Rodeo in Overland Park, Kansas.

We sent two teams of Journeyman Linemen – James Johnson, Derek Oase and Zach Reynolds from our Bennett district office, and Duncan Beth, Cody Griffin and Matt Ledford from our Sedalia and Woodland Park offices – and six Apprentice Linemen – James Deckert, Steven Gorden, Kris Onda, Matthew Potter, Jared Reynolds and Matthew Thayne – to compete. Journeyman Lineman Daniel Rabern served as an event judge. They were joined by more than 200 teams and 350 apprentices from other utilities.

The Bennett team finished in the top half of cooperative teams and 99th among all 242 utilities at the rodeo.

James Deckert also did especially well, finishing fifth overall among the rodeo’s 57 cooperative apprentices and 29th among all 366 apprentices.

Congratulations to all the CORE linemen who competed!