IREA rebuilding transmission line between Douglas, Elbert counties

This summer, IREA will begin rebuilding the existing 115-kilovolt transmission line between our Bayou Substation in Douglas County and Elizabeth Substation in Elbert County. The project is approximately 8.9 miles long and will replace existing wood H-frame structures with new wood mono-poles and steel poles. Wood mono-poles will be used at locations where the overhead wires are straight – with no line angles – and steel poles will be used where the overhead wires have a line angle.

The transmission line will be rebuilt to IREA’s current transmission standards, which includes conductor designed for higher operating temperatures and with a 30% larger diameter. These features will increase the amount of power that can be transmitted. IREA standards also include the installation of shield wire that will be located above the three conductors and will provide lightning protection. New communications facilities will allow the two substations to communicate with each other.

The new transmission line will be rebuilt in the IREA’s existing right-of-way. IREA has performed an environmental review to ensure the design and construction of the transmission line follows regulatory agency requirements. The project also required permits from Douglas County, Elbert County, the Federal Aviation Administration and the State of Colorado. Construction will be done by Colorado Powerline Inc. (CPI) and is expected to be completed in early 2022.

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