IREA to match customer donations to Help Colorado Now

Intermountain Rural Electric Association will match donations IREA customers make to the Colorado COVID Relief Fund through Help Colorado Now, the Mile High United Way-established website that provides aid to Colorado communities and organizations affected by the outbreak of COVID-19. IREA will match customer donations to the organization dollar-for-dollar, up to a maximum of $10,000.

“We wanted to contribute to this organization that is helping so many people affected by the financial and health impacts of COVID-19,” said IREA Chief Executive Officer Pat Mooney. “We thought it best to use our reach to potentially double the amount contributed by encouraging our customers to do the same.”

IREA customers who want to donate through Help Colorado Now and activate IREA’s matching contribution can visit, select their donation amount and enter the gift code “IREA” when completing the billing information form. The Mile High United Way will notify IREA of the amount donated by its customers so IREA can match those donations up to the specified limit.