My Power available this month

The My Power customer portal is expected to launch by the end of this month and will be accessible to customers who have new AMI meters.

My Power will be available through the My Account portal at and will be accessible via computer, tablet or smartphone. Once you are logged in, intuitive features will let you easily view, manage and analyze your usage data.

You will be able to monitor consumption patterns, compare periods of energy use, and better understand how your energy habits affect your monthly bill.

My Power includes easy-to-understand charts, tables and graphs that will give you a new way to look at how you use electricity and allow you to:

• View usage data in hourly, daily and weekly increments;

• Set up custom thresholds so that My Power will notify you if energy use has exceeded your specified amount;

• Identify your daily peak demand;

• Use weather tracking to determine if a period of high energy use corresponds to a day of high or low temperatures.

Get ready to harness My Power by enrolling in My Account. Visit, select “login” under the My Account box in the top righthand corner, and on the next screen click the link for new account registration and follow the instructions.

Once available, My Power will be accessible through the main page on My Account under Additional Consumption Info for AMI Customers. Because My Power uses data from AMI meters, it is not available to customers who opt out of the AMI program.

The launch date for My Power will be announced here on, in the Watts & Volts customer newsletter, and on our social media channels: @IREAColorado on Twitter, and IntermountainREA on both Facebook and Instagram.