You said it!

During the heavy snow storms this spring, we received feedback from some of our members about the value IREA provides. We’d like to thank them for their input and share some of their comments. As an electric cooperative, our partnership with our members and the communities we serve are of paramount importance to us. We thank you for your support.

“Thank you for another amazing job during this last storm! We never lost power the entire storm due to your diligence and preventive maintenance to keep lines clear. I might have to stop preparing the generator when big storms come ‘cause I haven’t needed it for years.”

Scott S.

“IREA you all rocked it!! Thank you to all who were out in it making sure we all stayed warm and safe!!”

Tonya B.

“Thank you, IREA! Not even a blink over the weekend. Trimming trees near power lines, installing new equipment, caring. I don’t take for granted how hard your employees work to keep us in power. I am very grateful.”

Vickie M.

“Today could have been a monster. Thanks to your crews for keeping it at bay. We appreciate you.”

Steve T.

“We moved to your service area in 2019 and I have been nothing but impressed with your service and reliability during these major storms we get. We have never lost service and that is unbelievable to me considering these crazy storms. Thank you!”

Jessica C.