Important info regarding net-metered systems with 3G modems

Some inverters installed as part of rooftop solar and other net-metered, interconnected generation systems, including those manufactured by SolarEdge, utilize 3G modems for communication of data about the system to the homeowner and/or the installation company. Many wireless carriers will no longer support 3G communications after April 1, 2022. This may affect the ability to see production data via applications and software provided by the solar company.

CORE recommends that net-meter members review their inverter information with their installation contractor as soon as possible, as some contractors offer replacement modems at a reduced cost if done before April 1, 2022. If your installation contractor is no longer in business, the inverter manufacturer should also be able to help you with this replacement.

This change will NOT affect CORE Electric Cooperative’s meters or net metering credits in any way. Please contact your installation contractor for additional info.