More solar on IREA’s horizon

IREA currently purchases all of the output of the 12.8-megawatt Victory Solar project north of Bennett, Colorado. In 2019 we agreed to purchase the output of an 80 MW solar project planned to be built northeast of Bennett known as the Pioneer Solar project.

Pioneer Solar has been under construction for several months and has begun producing energy, though it is not yet complete. Racks are up, interconnection facilities are complete and have been energized, and panels are being installed. Test energy is being delivered and full production is scheduled for February.

Work also has begun on interconnection facilities for the 75 MW Hunter Solar project south of Bennett. IREA has agreed to purchase 45 MW of the output of that project, which should be producing this summer. IREA has a fourth solar project under contract, a 55 MW project to be built in Adams County. All told, IREA is well on the way to having nearly 200 MW of solar generation under contract, most of which will be producing this year.