Old cooperative apparel will go to good use

Long before implementing the new CORE brand, we eliminated purchases of new IREA-branded apparel; however, many employees still had old IREA-branded clothing. Rather than simply destroy or send these items to a landfill, we researched ways in which they could be used to help others.

Enter Planet Aid, a non-profit that collects and recycles used textiles to protect the environment and support sustainable development in impoverished communities throughout the world.

We recently delivered to Planet Aid IREA-branded clothing and other apparel, which Planet Aid will sell, reuse or otherwise repurpose in developing countries, where demand for used clothing is high.

We felt it was important to donate our old cooperative-branded apparel to a cause that would put it to good use. We were happy to partner with Planet Aid in this effort.

Visit www.PlanetAid.org for more information about that organization and its work.