Reliability hits new highs

CORE’s most recent reliability numbers are significantly better than last year’s data for other Colorado electric utilities.

As of September 2021, CORE members have had far fewer minutes without power than customers of other Colorado electric utilities when compared to 2020 reported data. More specifically, 72% fewer minutes than other cooperatives; 57% fewer minutes than investor-owned utilities (IOUs); and 23% fewer minutes than public power utilities.

The trend is the same for the average number of service interruptions per member. Through the third quarter of 2021, CORE members averaged much less than one outage per member. Compared to 2020 data, this is 66% better than IOUs, 43% better than other cooperatives, and 32% better than public power utilities.

At the peak of the record-setting blizzard this past spring, CORE had fewer than 100 members without power and was able to help neighboring utilities in need. This feat and our excellent reliability statistics are due in part to CORE’s aggressive vegetation management program, line inspections, and system improvement projects.

CORE (as of Q3 2021) All Utilities (2020) Co-ops (2020) IOUs (2020) Public Power (2020)
Outage duration per member, in minutes 32.153 102.66 116.38 74.15 42.0
Average number of interruptions per member 0.431 0.82 0.753 1.28 0.635