Senate Bill 72 is headed to a vote, and IREA needs your help

IREA needs customers’ help on Senate Bill 72, which passed the Senate Transportation and Energy Committee and is headed to the Senate floor.

We encourage customers to take action and ask their legislators to SUPPORT Senate Bill 72. This bill sets up Colorado with the necessary tools to join a Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) – the most efficient way to reach the state’s clean energy goals and deliver reliable, cost-effective electricity to consumers.

This bill requires that by 2030 investor-owned utilities join an RTO, which is a non-profit, multi-state entity that manages the bulk power transmission system, ensures non-discriminatory access to the transmission grid, and plans regionally for transmission assets. The bill directs the Colorado Public Utilities Commission to approve applications for transmission facilities that will help the state meet its clean energy goals, and to consider the ability of these facilities to support future expansion into an RTO.

Furthermore, creating the Colorado Electric Transmission Authority will deliver well-planned transmission facilities throughout the state, connecting us to many opportunities outside of Colorado for additional energy generation.

Click this link, follow the prompts, and let your senator know you want them to SUPPORT Senate Bill 72 and participation in a Regional Transmission Organization.

Thank you for using your voice to help IREA provide customers with cost-effective, reliable energy.